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Safflower fluidum 30 ml vial pump + special pack

Silk Flower elixir 30 ml vial pipette

Safflower fluidum: Safflower is a symbol of ever-renewing beauty. Instantly absorbed, deeply hydrating, regenerating with a particularly active anti-aging effect. Innumerable medicinal meadow flowers and sea flowers help in renewal, which makes the complexion brighter and full of vitality, and the intensity of wrinkles is visibly reduced. The magic plant for younger-looking skin through reepithelialization care

Silk Flower elixir: Feels like a silky veil. Treats swelling, edema and dark circles under the eyes in a single step. Excellent conditioning, soothing and smoothing agent. Gives a bright, shiny look If beautiful eyes are really important, Silk Flower is the best choice because it is a megasugar with 4 million Daltons, which is rich in uronic acid and shows very strong biological properties in terms of hydration and radiance enhancement.

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